About Us

Founded in 1851, FSU is one of the premier research universities in the US, with many degree courses consistently ranked amongst the top 25 in US state universities. Home to over 40,000 students representing over 100 nationalities, the Florida campus encompasses over 450 acres, houses state-of-the-art facilities, and still maintains a warm and friendly community – a rarity for a major Carnegie-classified research university.

Introducing Our International Gateway Program A Unique Opportunity

Florida State’s International Gateway Program allows students to spend the first year of their undergraduate degree at one of our four international campuses and then transfer to the United States to earn the remainder of their degree at our main campus in Tallahassee, Florida.  Gateway students also have the unique advantage of meeting and studying with American students with whom they will share the same campus when continuing studies in the USA. Transfer assistance will be available both at the international centers and in Tallahassee, providing a smooth transition to life in the States. One of the particular attractions of the program for UK students is perhaps the opportunity it provides to work in the US upon graduation through a visa designed to offer international students the chance to experience practical training in the workplace.


Re-Defining Study Abroad

By creating an environment where British and American students meet as peers in the classroom with a sense of common ground for each, the FSU International Gateway Program redefines the parameters of Study Abroad. Collaborating with people of different world views and understanding global issues is essential to any student's personal and professional development and is increasingly critical to a graduate's future success in the workplace. Through cross-cultural interactions and participation in intercultural dialogues, students on this program will draw on the rich heritage and environment that is Florida State University while earning an undergraduate degree comparable in both academic rigor and cost to that available in the UK. We believe this opportunity will be of particular interest both to students eager to combine their university career with study abroad, and to students keen to embrace the diversity and strength of a US Liberal Arts degree. With ever-increasing competition for university places in the UK, applying to FSU provides an alternative path to university for those students wishing to secure a place for entry immediately after A Level results.


The Liberal Arts Approach

Most students at US universities graduate with either a BA or a BSc with a major in a particular subject area such as history, psychology, communication, criminology, electrical engineering, biology, sport management or, for example, any one of the more than three hundred undergraduate degree courses offered at Florida State. One of the many advantages of the US higher education system, is that the Liberal Arts approach allows students to explore broad areas of academic interest before focusing on their final choice of major. The result is an undergraduate education as it was meant to be: a time to ask as many questions as to answer, a time to experiment with subjects not available in secondary school, a period of personal growth and academic development. In the Liberal Arts tradition, the university recognizes the importance of engaging students with a broad range of knowledge and with ideas both new and old. The Liberal Studies curriculum trains students and equips students with skills – to think logically, to analyze clearly, and to communicate with precision and power. On the understanding that the undergraduate years represent an opportunity for intellectual exploration, students at Florida State University are given the information, the skills, and the habits of mind that will enable them to fulfill their promise as an individual and as a member of the broader community.

The Campus Community

Whether studying at the baccalaureate, master or doctoral level, FSU students have exposure to award winning faculty and researchers; use of cutting edge computer and research labs including the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory – the largest and highest powered magnetic laboratory in the world – as well as a fully equipped Coastal and Marine Laboratory; access to art exhibits plus musical and theatrical productions by renowned artists, as well as our own talented students; and the excitement of cheering on world-class athletes in a wide variety of sports.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Both in Tallahassee and in London, FSU provides a comprehensive program of pastoral care designed to enhance student well-being by offering instruction and guidance in key areas such as orientation, study skills, cultural sensitivity, money management and health and lifestyle issues. Students on all campuses participate in an extensive extra-curricular program including academic excursions, lecture series, sports and athletics and a wealth of other activities. With over 400 student clubs and societies on offer in Tallahassee, from Acabelles, an all-female singing group to Action for Haiti, a society assisting relief efforts overseas to a radio station, to baseball, cycling, and all the usual sports, students are sure to be able to find activities to suit individual interests.



The International Gateway Program is open both to students wishing to live in Halls and students wishing to live out. London accommodation consists of self-contained flats in the heart of the city - a stone's throw from Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. Housing in Florida varies but is generally shared bedrooms in either apartment or traditional student-style living.


Our International Students

Because of the high value we place upon diversity, our internationalization efforts include developing a culturally and globally aware campus community. Florida State’s Center for Global Engagement supports this commitment by providing innovative support services including peer mentors and an International Friends support group. Our International students are praised for the high quality of their work in research in the sciences, their amazing talents in the arts, and their superb athletic accomplishments.



FSU Heritage and Honor

With the university motto of Vires Artes Mores, Strength Skill Character, FSU is committed to providing ‘a distinctive academic environment based on the goal of being the most student-centered university in the nation.’ FSU colors are Garnet and Gold and students, faculty and staff are proud to call themselves ‘’Noles’ in honor of the Seminole Indian tribe native to the state of Florida. Our seventeen college sports teams all compete at the highest level of inter-collegiate athletics.

Age: 162


History: The Florida State University (FSU) is an internationally recognized and accredited institution centrally located in Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida, but with additional campuses in London, Valencia, Florence and Panama. Designated as a Carnegie Research University, the highest designation for American research institutions, FSU awards over 2,000 graduate and professional degrees each year to a diverse student body representing all 50 states, and over 130 countries. Combining traditional strength in the arts and humanities with recognized leadership in the sciences, the Florida State University provides unmatched opportunities for students and faculty through challenging academics, cultural discovery and community interaction


Address: 211 Westcott Bldg. Tallahassee, FL 32306-1470


Ambience: Home to the state capital, an array of museums, attractions and unique experiences, Tallahassee shares a deep-rooted history and culture with unparalleled nature and outdoor recreation. Stretching along the Florida Panhandle, this timeless haven of rolling green hills and live-oak trees is a place where college town meets cultural centre, politics meets performing arts and history meets nature. The City boasts activities recreational, scientific, and charming, with sites like a 5-story IMAX theatre and planetarium, the Mary Brogan Museum of Arts and Science, as well as freshwater springs, camping reservations, wildlife preserves, historic plantations, and ancient Native American ceremonial grounds.


Vital statistics: The university houses approximately 41,000 students, with 57% Female, 29% Minority; 4% International.


Added value: FSU has over 50 years experience in global education and offers international students the opportunity to study at any of our international campuses for their first year, subsequently completing their degree in the United States. Through the FSU Gateway program, students are able to begin their American degrees at fully functioning sites of higher education, while learning and growing in an environment of students and faculty from the United States.


Nightlife: Much like Tallahassee’s varied and ever-changing landscape, you’ll discover dining options that are just as diverse with authentic regional cuisine, fine dining and international fare. An evening out doesn’t stop at dinner. From chic bars to soulful jazz clubs, to college sports pubs --Tallahassee is alive with burgeoning nightlife. Tallahassee offers students all the social elements of a college town, with all of the amenities of a sophisticated and refined international city.


Any accommodation? Gateway program students are guaranteed housing at both their international campus and at FSU’s main campus in Tallahassee. Dormitories offer community-style living that allows students to meet and build relationship with their peers, all while staying informed and engaged with university events, activities, and opportunities. International campuses are located in central city centers and are equipped with classrooms, libraries and study areas accessible for student needs.


Cheap to live there?  For the 2016-2017 year, Gateway campus housing costs are £9,000 for self-catering shared rooms in flats. These fees include a full range of cultural activities. Twelve months housing and food in the US is around £7,000.


Fees:  FSU Gateway Program fees for the 2016-2017 academic year are £10,400 for the first year; on-campus accommodation in Central London is £9,000, which includes other amenities such cultural trips and class-day breakfast throughout the year. In years 2, 3 and 4, tuition is $21,673 USD (roughly £15,000 GBP), including all activity, health insurance and transportation fees, and on campus accommodation is £7,000.