Gateway and FSU have really helped me grow as a person

I was initially looking at applying to American universities myself but the exams and application process scared me and I was concerned that I would have to do this at the same time as studying for A Levels. FSU’s International Gateway programme helped me with all this in my first year, which took off a lot of the pressure and made this a very appealing option!

FSU has such a large campus with so many different organisations and groups it has allowed me to do what I enjoy outside of classes. With the UK fees rising a few years ago it made going to FSU more comparable than what I would pay if I were to stay in the UK. Also the cost of living is drastically cheaper than what I would have paid if I had stayed in the UK. I know my rent is about £40 cheaper a week than my friends are paying and the food is great value, I eat out most days and still pay less than I would be if I was living at home.

The Gateway programme and Florida State University has been a great opportunity for me and has really helped me to develop as a person. I feel as if I have much more of an exciting and interesting experience than many of my other friends at British universities!

Vicky Mitchell, FSU Class of 2017