Madeleine Hughes

“I had always wanted to study abroad and was particularly interested in America but I was unsure where to start or how to go about things. Hearing and learning about FSU's Gateway Programme made all my choices really easy, as being able to start at home in London was something that really appealed to me. At first I was worried about getting all the necessary American qualifications like taking the SATs but have been given practice tests and a tutor to teach me how to pass the exams which are really helping. Being a part of the London Study Centre is so much fun, and although I don't live on campus I feel really at home and very much a part of the school community. I feel very safe in the knowledge that I am never just left to my own devices or to figure things out for myself; I am being given help to apply and receive my visa to study in America and there is always someone to answer any questions I have

I am really looking forward to rejoining all the friends I have made this year as we start our second year of college in Tallahassee together next Fall.”


Trystan Aherne

"Choosing to study abroad at Florida State University was the biggest decision of my life, but it was also the easiest"

"I chose the Gateway program as it recognized the the difficulty faced by students wanting to study in the US, simplified the application process and then led me through it step by step"

"What amazed me most about coming to FSU was how a campus of tens of thousands could feel like such a tight knit community"

"The small study center in London allows you too meet a greater variety of people than you would meet on a larger campus, meaning that by the time you arrive at FSU you have friends in all areas of it's academic, social and athletic programs"


Saina Behnejad

“ I’m excited about moving somewhere completely different to London and experiencing a new lifestyle and culture. The Gateway Program was a fantastic opportunity because I was able to live right in the middle of central London and make great friends who there I can move across the pond with. It makes it less daunting but still exciting!”